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Chronic pain is defined as pain that has lasted more than three to six months. Chronic pain can range from mild to excruciating, episodic to constant, just inconvenient to incapacitating.


In Chronic states, pain signals can remain active in the nervous system for weeks to many months. This can also be exacerbated by emotional stress, fatigue and other psychological issues.


Chronic pain can originate as a result of trauma or injury. It can also start from nerve damage, inflammation, infection. However in some people there may not be any past injury or evidence of body damage. Some of the commonest forms of pain include, chronic back pain, sciatica, neck pain, nerve pain, headaches and pain from other parts of the body.


Due to the complex mind and body connections associated with pain, anxiety, stress and depression can compromise a body’s defence. Hence it is important that, the effective management of pain includes physical as well psychological aspects of pain condition.


After a thorough check up and investigations as per the requirement, the management of pain may include various pain medications, different types of injection treatments , physical exercise therapies such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and psychological support.



The British Pain Society


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